dan paris :  director  // cinematographer // stills // presenter // writer 

No matter which end of the camera you point at him, he’ll know exactly what to do with it.

Dan has a multi faceted background in media. In the beginning it was in front of the camera, an actor on a handful of Aussie soaps and dramas. With a love for wild places he soon moved to presenting travel programs and natural history documentaries.

Eventually he discovered the other end of the lens and the rest they say…

Whether it’s motion or still, his images will arrest… a reputation for spectacular panoramic landscapes, vivid studio portraits and powerful action scenes.

Dan has an innate relationship with the land and an novel eye for composition. Two in fact. For him, a successful shoot is the marriage of beautiful light, timing and an intimate connection with his subjects… every frame is carefully measured to capture the essence of the tale.

adrian faure :  editor  // producer // director // cameraman

Some say he was a TV veteran before his time and that he was born on the cutting room floor…

Ado started his television career as a cameraman before moving on the promo director and then editor. This ended up being his niche and he has spent 20 years producing and editing for both channels 10 and then 7, where he found himself in a dark room at the end of a cavernous maze in Tuart Hill remaining there a freelancer until he was found when they relocated in 2015.

Ado has worked on numerous Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games coverages as well as a multitude of internationally telecast sporting events. He has produced hundreds and edited well over a thousand TV programs (and many times more commercials), easily making him one of Western Australia’s most prolific editors. To achieve those numbers in a tough market like Perth is a rare accomplishment.

Weaving a story is his forte. Ado believes that the producer and editor have the rare ability to evoke emotion through their creative processes. The viewers response fuels his own passion and motivation to keep doing what he loves the most.